How can you tell if you’re really ready to buy a home? These five signs will tell you.

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Making the decision to buy a home can be a difficult one, but there are five signs that show you’re ready to make that purchase.

1. Career changes. Whether you just got out of college and you are getting your career started, your career is advancing, or your career is ending and you’re going into retirement, those are the best times to buy a home.

2. You love the city you live in. If you love the people, places, culture, and the lifestyle, stay there and buy a house.

3. Love is in the air. Whether you are combining households and are ready to stop renting or your family is growing and you need some more space, those are great reasons to buy a home.

4. You’re ready to stop renting. For a lot of people, life gets too busy and they don’t think about buying a home. They get into a routine of renting, but when they calculate the amount of rent that they’ve spent on someone else’s mortgage, it really starts to sting. Take the numbers that you are paying in rent and plug them into a mortgage calculator. You will see that renting is actually costing you thousands of dollars more every year in equity than if you had bought a home. Rather than putting it off, call a Realtor now to start looking at homes and call a mortgage lender to see what you qualify for.

5. You caught the home improvement bug. For those who like home improvement, you can only do so many things to a rental property. You might be able to paint or put up pictures to help make it your own, but you’re not tearing out kitchens and bathrooms. If you buy a house you can have a blank canvas to do whatever you like. If you don’t like home improvement but the house you currently live in isn’t meeting your needs, purchase a new home and get everything you want.

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